abigail || 16 || romans 8:18

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Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.
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When you hear something you either don’t understand or agree with and you feel a judgmental attitude sprouting, dig it up. Don’t let it take root because it will grow weeds that kill your opportunity to learn and love the people around you, it will grow vines that suffocate any chance of compassion growing for one another, and eventually, if you let it take root and grow, it will construct a barricade that closes you into the lonely solidarity of self-righteousness.
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What girls say: I'm fine
What girls mean: I'm too embarrassed to ask for water from your mom because this is the first time I've been over and she's asked me like 500 times if I wanted any and I've been saying no but I'm dying of thirst
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Cashier: That'll be $4.03
Me: I only have $4...
Cashier: That's ok, I have the three cents
Me: ...........
Cashier: ........
Me: what are we?
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I get drunk on dreams and choke on real life.
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